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Dragon Rage: Conception 2 Labyrinth Pestering

"GODAMMIT (insert heroine name here), YOU HAD YOUR TURN ALREADY!" -me getting frustrated

You know the feeling when you take a heroine to a Labyrinth, and then when she’s had her turn, and you change to the next heroine, the former FUCKIN’ PESTERS YOU TO TAKE HER TO THE LABYRINTHS, A FEW DORM ROOM VISITS LATER! YOU GOT YOUR TURN ALREADY WOMAN; LET OTHER HEROINES PARTAKE OF THE GRINDFEST! For some reason, in my game, this event happens a lot with Ellie; yeah I know it’s random, but in my case, she’s the most likely offender.


Artist: Simon Gangl

This guy’s art is amazing!  I may post more of it here soon just because it is quite well done.  That Exeggutor….wow!



While I’m reblogging here, I’m playing Conception 2… and it’s getting frustrating, now that I’m at the final leg. On top of that, I’m working on Carmine’s moveset for CosMania.

Uh boy, the life of a cosplayer/gamer…. X_X


Ink on Paper


in the mood for clean! 

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Want to be a real life ninja? Here are some easy steps to live your dream!

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u ain't my man no more
i'm gonna hit the floor
    i hold my hands up high
    as i wave good-bye


Most Iconic Red Carpet Dresses of All Time >


Kiki 01 by constellationchaos


Inori from Guilty crown cosplay by yukigodbless


My piece for the Fangamer <3 Attract Mode show happening on August 30th at 1923 Events in Seattle, WA. I recently got Pikmin 3 through that Mario Kart 8 promotional deal and I really loved it. Highly enjoyable and addictive little game. Also, Pikmin are adorable. 

If you happen to be at PAX Prime or live/are in Seattle that day, should stop by the gallery show :D it will be fun.